Full Mojo Rampage Gets PS4 and Xbox One Release

Publisher Nicalis Inc. have today announced that Full Mojo Rampage, available on PC since 2014, will be released on consoles in spring this year. The game will receive an update adding a variety of visual, content and gameplay improvements along with a new game mode dubbed Endless Mode.

When it was first released on the PC, Full Mojo Rampage was positively received, however, it did not gain a large amount of exposure. Here is a list of features for those unfamiliar with the initial release (as stated by the developer):

Features of Full Mojo Rampage!

  • Battle strange and challenging foes via intense, roguelike action RPG style gameplay
  • Tear through the Voodoo realm in randomly generated vivid environments brimming with secret rooms, shrines and loot. Forcefully avenge the Voodoo gods known as Loa to earn special items and enhancements
  • Voodoo with up to 4 players cooperatively on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, featuring a multitude of improvements such as enhanced visuals, new content and gameplay adjustments based on player feedback
  • Play solo, or experience a wide variety of cooperative game modes including Campaign, Daily Quests, Survival Mode and Endless Mode, as well as up-to-8-player competitive modes such as Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and King of Mojo
  • Gain power and upgrade characters via earned experience and gold, which persist through death – dying is not an end, it is only a means of becoming a stronger voodoo soul!
  • Jam out to an original soundtrack composed by Alistar Lindsay of Prison Architect fame

You can find more info about the game on the official Full Mojo Rampage website.