Crack Open the Arcane Musical Tome of The Metronomicon

Music is the bacon of the gaming world — combine it with anything and it improves both items in new and interesting ways.  The Metronomicon fuses the music into the party-based RPG to create a game that looks like it could be oversimplified as Final Fantasy: DDR Edition.

A party of four characters of differing abilities fights using the rhythmic combat arts, combating an array of foes requiring more than just straight attack power to defeat.  Each party member dances to their own track, and switching between them on the fly activates different abilities if you can keep up with the rhythm change.  The soundtrack is fully-licensed from a large number of artists covering a variety of musical styles, including synthwave, chiptunes, electronic, and many others from a long list of different artists.

The game is set to officially debut at PAX East in a few weeks, so keep an eye out for hands-on impressions as soon as the con allows.