‘Stand by Me’ by Florence + The Machine is Final Fantasy XV’s Main Song

Square Enix has revealed the main song for Final Fantasy XV, and it is a cover.

Square Enix made the announcement at the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event taking place this evening in Los Angeles. The classic song “Stand by Me” is being covered by Florence and The Machine for the upcoming game. This is not the first time Square Enix has used a song from a non-Japanese artist for a Final Fantasy game. Square Enix set the web ablaze with anger when they announced they would be using Leona Lewis’ “My Hands” as Final Fantasy XIII’s main theme for the English release rather than translating “Kimi ga Iru Kara,” the theme song from the Japanese release. Square Enix did not do the same thing for the sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The song is a main fixture in the brand new trailer that showcases brand new footage. Combat, summons Leviathan and Titan, and Noctis and his pals are heavily featured. The song kicks in about halfway through. The release date has yet to be revealed, but a major leak earlier today suggests Final Fantasy XV is set for release on September 30 for PS4 and Xbox One.