Indie Megabooth’s PAX East 2016 Lineup Announced

If there’s one thing to look out for at PAX, it’s the Indie Megabooth. Since 2012, the massive showcase of indie games has been a staple of both PAX Prime and PAX East, drawing huge crowds and helping games like these get even more of the exposure that they deserve. And now they’ve unveiled their lineup of games for PAX East 2016, back for another year.

Highlights for this year’s event include Thimbleweed Park, Astroneer, Block’hood, Night in the Woods, Battle Chef Brigade, and 82 other games (including ten tabletop titles), a good chunk of which you can check out in the Indie Megabooth’s announcement trailer below. Afterwards, be sure to check out the full lineup on the official site as well, because if you’re going to PAX East this month, you definitely won’t want to miss a spread like this.