Happy Draven Day

Today is not only April Fool’s day, but also Draaaaaaaven Day.

To celebrate this day League of Legends has released four new skins, six summoner icons, and 6 bundles. Along with that they also have a promotion going on that’s basically buy one get one free if you gift(ed)/buy that legendary or ultimate skin you’ve always wanted.

It’s not all about buying either. If you play Twisted Treeline, ARAM, or Blind Pick Normals all character heads will be replaced with Draven’s. The coolest part, however, does involve buying a skin. If you buy the Draven Draven skin now you’ll be saving yourself some RP in the future. If the pricing is to be believed the Draven Draven skin will cost 5000 RP after this sale. I know I know that’s a ludicrous amount and probably a lie, but you can get it right now for 500 rp and that’s cheaper than most skins that go on sale. So if you’re a Draven main or just like the skin now would be the time to jump on that one.