Remedy on Quantum Break’s Delay: “Came From Microsoft’s End”

The reviews are out for Quantum Break — ours included — and with its retail release on Xbox One & PC of April 5 looming, one of the major talking points that still hangs over Remedy’s new title is in fact its release date. Given the game was originally intended to come out in 2014, Quantum Break found itself delayed into 2015 and then again, when it was announced in April of last year, that it would shift back another year into 2016. And while Remedy commented at the time that the delay was intended as an “opportunity to polish and fine tune the game”, it seems that may not have entirely been the case.

Speaking to MCV earlier today, Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake has revealed that the game’s delay into 2016 was a result of Microsoft’s decision-making rather than the need for additional production or development time on the game. “[Microsoft] was looking at its portfolio of upcoming games and were feeling that it would be foolish to have all of these bigger games come out at the same time, essentially fighting among themselves for the audience. So it wanted to stagger them out.”

Lake goes on to discussing Microsoft’s announcement that its exclusive titles, Quantum Break included, would be coming to PC — a mere part of the company’s recent push towards creating a unitary platform for both Xbox & Windows — and expresses that he was “baffled” but understood fan backlash amid the wider public reaction following the news. Nevertheless, he admits that a PC version was something the studio had initially wanted in the first place.

“I do kind of understand the reaction,” Lake explains. “Stepping back and thinking about it. People are very passionate have a feeling of ownership on their chosen platform [sic]. That passion is very important to us because when people are passionate they are willing to fight and spread the word. I understand and appreciate that. But sometimes it can turn into negativity.” The critics have had their word, but we’ll have to see what consumer consensus is when the game comes out next Tuesday.