Screenshot Saturday Featuring Brigador, Everspace, Poi, Eleven More

The end of the week is reserved for Screenshot Saturday, when developers old and new show off what they’ve been up to.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an established AAA studio or an art student on assignment, the point is to show off what you’ve created to an appreciative audience.  Making games is hard work and a little encouragement goes a long way towards realizing all that time is being well spent.  This feature pulls a dozen(ish) images plus a bonus from the weekly deluge based on criteria that I sometimes don’t think I fully understand myself.  The only disclaimer is that, despite the Screenshot Saturday name, it’s mostly moving images, and they’re a lot more fun when you click on the arrows and see just what it is that’s being shown off.

Unnamed-  Some type of space game without a lot of details but a really nice launching sequence.  I particularly like the way the pilot’s hand reaches out and hits the launch button when the player clicks on it.  It’s the little details that add life to a game.

Lost World Zero-  Very pretty open-world FPS in Early Access.  It’s possibly a bit too early for its own good, maybe, but also getting regular updates with the latest just released earlier today.  This gets upgraded from “developer doing their job” to “impressieve” when you take into account the developer is in high school, which is an insanely busy time to get much of anything done, much less game development.

Avoyd-  Cooperative multiplayer six-degreees-of-freedom FPS, this is actually an all-new voxel based version of the 1999 game.  It doesn’t actually look like this, due to the wire frames being there for testing purposes, but the lines do make the geometry pop out nicely.  You can get the original 1999 version available free over here.

Redout-  Futuristic racer with some excellent environments to tear through at hyperspeed.  The little that’s shown doesn’t seem to stray too far from genre conventions, but the twisty track and incredibly detailed backgrounds make it very pretty to see in action.

Everspace-  Space fly & shoot that had a successful Kickstarter a few months back based on a UE4-engine driven depiction of the universe that’s quite a bit more cluttered and colorful than the one we actually live in.  There’s a lot more going on under the hood than the fantastic screenshots show, such as a roguelike progression system that gives you one life to complete the run but each death lets you keep a permanent upgrade, or the multiple ways you can approach each encounter, and the different scenarios you might find on the way to the goal.  For now, though- pretty!

Abomination-  Nicely trippy-looking FPS adventure game with glowing neon everywhere and a large number of puzzles to figure out.  The levels shown off so far have had flowers that give a temporary speed boost, stacking the effect until you’re fast enough to make the leap to the next island, and another section where flowers catapult you up to the next plateau.  There’s a giant tower waiting for attention as well, but that’s a section to be revealed later.

Guinea Pig Parkour-  Guinea pigs are, apparently, quite nimble little beasts despite how fat and fluffy they are.  This well-animated guy runs and vaults over the clutter of a busy sidewalk while collecting all the coffee beans he can handle.

Poi-  Mario 64-style 3D platformer that’s been in Early Access for a while.  This shows off a new ability, sneaking past guards by hanging off the side while they ignore his hat peeking up over the edge.  The peripheral vision in the extra-protective trash can helmets must be terrible.

Unnamed- The worm is from Crashland VR but it’s not clear if this is an update for that game or part of a new project.  Wherever it may end, that’s one weird and nasty slithering beast.

SpaceCats in Space!-  Twin stick shooter with a whole lot of debris scattered by exploding enemies.  Cats fight the dog empire in a WWII-inspired conflict with a strong 80s Saturday morning cartoon vibe to the voice acting and theme song.  On the one hand, the semi-German accent on the dogs is painful to hear, on the other it’s perfect for the kind of tv show it’s riffing on.

Brigador-  Early Access isometric shooter with mechs stomping through a city that isn’t war-torn at the moment but will be by the time you’ve routed the occupying forces.  Player vehicles range from standard tanks to zippy little war machines to walking mechs, but all of them will be greeted with heavy enemy firepower when they head out into their missions.

Spaceman Sparkles 3D-  Fantastically weird and colorful shooter where you’re a hat flying around little planetoids fighting to survive the dynamic attack patterns of the giant boss creatures.  It’s a little tricky to control, but for some reason I want to see it in an arcade cabinet with a giant Missile Command-style trackball.

Unnamed-  There’s no information available yet on why this little voxel-y guy is traveling through town, and the citizens aren’t quite ready to be put on the streets yet, but the town already looks like a wonderful place to explore.

Bonus Image-

Unnamed- This appears to be a student project but does bring up a fun point about art design.  Both characters have their own unique appeal in a low-poly way, with no easy method of choosing which is “best”.  Personally I like the smoother face of the character on the right with the visible polygonal edges for everything else on the left, but then the design is made of clashing styles.  It’s a tricky judgement call.