Speed and Defense in New Star Fox Zero Trailer

Star Fox Zero was revealed way back at last year’s E3 and has received a delay til the 22nd of this month. Today, Nintendo drops a new trailer that highlights the various vehicles of the game, alternate routes and a new game mode.  The classic Arwing is accompanied by the quick footed Walker, the tank the Landmaster, and Gyrowing for carrying objects and to hack computer systems. There will be hidden collectibles and the alternate paths will provide different experiences for each level.

Accompanying Zero is Star Fox Guard, a tower defense game where players must defend a central tower from invading enemy robots. The player can place security cameras around the map and clicking on a security map via the gamepad will place that camera’s perspective center on the TV screen. Cameras can be upgraded to several forms of turrets to fortify your defense.  There is even an editing mode that allows you to make your customized maps for the game.

Star Fox Zero is shaping up pretty well and when it hits store shelves on April 22 for Wii U we’ll be first in line.