The NA LCS Promotion Tournament Kicks off Today

A week after the playoffs for EU and NA LCS teams the promotion tournament to find out who will take part in the Summer Split is finally taking place.

It’s been a while since some of these teams have been on the stage or played in professional match as Riot wanted to give Challenger teams some time to get their players the proper visas so we didn’t have another visa fiasco like we did this season.

So to kick things off today we have Team Dignitas taking on Team Dragon Knights at 5 p.m. PDT in the first match of the promotion tournament. Now unlike the other matches that’ll be taking place in the coming days this one does not guarantee you a spot at the table next split, but if you lose it means you go, or return, to the Challenger scene.

Whoever wins this Bo5 series today moves on to take on Renegades tomorrow in a series that, if won, will put you in the NA LCS. If lost you simply move on to the next day for another shot. Tomorrow will also pit the best of the worst in the NA LCS against the best from the NA CS. Team Impulse will be playing Apex for a chance at the Summer split and will take place right after Renegades which is at noon PDT.

The last match will be April 8 at noon between the match 2 loser and the match 3 loser and is the final opportunity for either team to move on. That’ll be taking place at noon and you can catch all the matches here.