Screenshot Saturday Featuring Rain World, Block’Hood, Dr Spacezoo, Ten More

Screenshot Saturday is the perfect time to learn of new things and catch up with old ones.  Developers post shots of what’s been accomplished during the week or, more likely, little video clips and other animated formats, and the result is a torrent of information that goes on for hundreds and hundreds of posts.  This feature trims the list down to a dozen plus a bonus image, which isn’t much by comparison but is a bit more manageable overall.  There’s a lot of great games that don’t get featured for one reason or another (such as not featuring the same game too often to make room for newer things) so the list is always worth looking at unfiltered, if you’ve got the time.  If not, get clicking on the arrows to see the animations or just enjoy the images as they appear.  Whatever works, really.

An Octonaut Odyssey-  An octopus dons a bubble helmet and goes on a journey from one strange planet to another.  Octopusses are very smart, and this is exactly the kind of thing they’ll do given a few more years of evolution to overcome their too-short lifespans.

Salt-  Open-world ocean exploration game where you’ve got a boat and a world of islands to explore.  The latest update added a map so navigation should be much, much easier now.  Salt has always been a very pretty game, and being able to find your way through it should make it much more accessible.

Construct-  First-person platform puzzler in a vast cyber-style world.  That big glowing red point in the second picture is a point of interest that you need to figure out how to get to, and it might award a new ability or a power orb for the sector.  There’s a good demo available at IndieDB that takes through game’s start to the first power orb, well worth checking out.  (Also, whoops, this is last week’s picture.  I’d update it with the right one but I like this pair of shots better.)

Dr. Spacezoo-  Rescue animals while shooting through the robots keeping them trapped while trying your best to avoid friendly-fire critter casualties.  I’m really hoping this boss doesn’t have anything that needs rescuing nearby, because it seems a bit optimistic to think the poor critter would have much chance of avoiding the crossfire.

Rain World-  A little furry slugcat goes hunting through a ruined world, snacking on whatever it can catch while avoiding becoming a tasty snack for the bigger predators.  The little green flower-creatures don’t seem like food or danger, but it’s probably best to be a little cautious of the way they track the slugcat’s every move.

Virginia-  Mystery adventure inspired by shows like X-Files and Twin Peaks about a pair of investigators looking into a disappearance of a young boy.  Things look normal, possibly even mundane, but there’s something strange happening here.  Not so strange as the way they can prepare plates so the eggs slot into place perfectly, but pretty weird anyway.

The Far Reaches-  The entire sprite sheet for The Far Reaches doesn’t look all that impressive until you do the math and realize it’s 1,382 tiny individual pieces of game art.  The fun part is that the game is designed around simulating multiple systems across large populations simultaneously, so despite its simple look you’ll want a decent machine to make it sing.  Shiny graphics with multiple shaders for varying lighting and surface texture effects are nice, but the heart of a strong sim is pure CPU muscle.

Battleplans- Cute little RTS for mobile and PC, maybe not revolutionizing the genre but certainly attractive.  If you look closely you can see the little guys are protecting a hero in the middle who can cast devastating spells.

Block’Hood-  City builder that I may have already said a word or two about this week.  I didn’t bother mentioning that the place looked a little lonely without people, seeing as it was obvious they’d be along eventually, and here they are now.

The Last Leviathan- Head out to sea in a ship of your own creation and hunt down the monsters that hide in its depths.  Or blast a small settlement that probably deserved it.  Anything that explodes that nicely is just asking for a cannonball.

Grand Designer-  This is actually a game creation tool used to build planets, nebula, and other large-scale space features.  They’re not the kind of places you can drop a lander on and go exploring, but if you need to create a universe to fly around then it can simplify life immensely.  Big ominous planets ready to crack open in a fiery cataclysm have to come from somewhere, after all.

Racing Apex-  Low-poly arcade racing/car combat game that showed up on Kickstarter this week.  The developer name-drops RadMobile on the Kickstarter page and the two-man team worked on various Burnout games, which should be all the credentials anyone needs.  Honestly, I was good with mentioning RadMobile.

Bonus Image-

David Cameron-  The UK is not very happy with David Cameron right now.  Not happy at all.