Severed Receives a Release Date of April 26, New Trailer

Ever since it was first shown off two years ago, several gamers have been wondering when Drinkbox Studios would finally be releasing their new first-person dungeon crawler, Severed. Especially Vita enthusiasts, still starved for prominent high-quality titles. Well, after being delayed from its initial 2015 release in order to make the game even bigger and implement more new ideas, Drinkbox have proudly announced that Severed will finally be released for the Vita this month on April 26.

The release date was announced along with a new trailer seen below, which shows off even more of the game’s surreal fantasy world. Severed will tell the tale of Sasha, a warrior searching for her family in said world who will have to dismember her enemies and graft their parts on to her body in order to survive, as part of the game’s central mechanic. Sounds like fun for the whole family indeed! And in addition to all of this, Drinkbox have also mentioned that you can purchase the game’s progressive rock soundtrack from YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN and Pantayo on the band’s site right now. And with all of that, now the final two-week wait begins for what’s been shaping up to possibl be one of the year’s best portable games, so here’s hoping Severed delivers.