Stellaris Available for Pre-Order, gets Comprehensive Trailer

Paradox Interactive have today opened pre-orders for their upcoming grand science fiction strategy game Stellaris. Available for €39.99 ($45.00 USD) for the basic version and €69.99 ($78.75) for the ‘Galaxy’ edition, the game will released on May 9. Pre-order bonuses include cosmetic items and ringtones along with the somewhat unique bonus of getting your name sent to space. From the Paradox Store:

“We will literally take your name and launch it into the upper stratosphere on a weather balloon, and we´ll film the whole thing! Some day, extraterrestrial life may know that you dared to reach out to them!”

Along with the pre-order opening, a trailer was also released. Titled ‘Tour of the Galaxy’, the trailer is a comprehensive look at Paradox’s latest foray in to the strategy genre. The trailer gives us a broad overview of a multitude of the game’s facets as it explores the journey of a civilization reaching into the depths of space for the first time. We can see glimpses of exploration, technology, aliens, communication, combat, politics and many other details among the impressive visuals of the game. You can check out the trailer in its entirety down below.