Dark Souls III DLC Won’t Arrive till much Later this Year

Bandai Namco has confirmed when Dark Souls III players can get their hands on the first piece of DLC.

The publisher told VideoGamer today that the first DLC for Dark Souls III will launch Autumn 2016. That’s a long ways away, but does give developer From Software plenty of time to work on it. Unfortunately, that’s all the detail Namco released. We still don’t have many concrete details about what will actually be in the DLC. However, ee do have some clues from the $25 Season Pass description. According to the Season Pass (comes with two DLC packs), the DLC will include new maps, bosses, enemies and additional weapon and armor sets.

Dark Souls III launched this week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC to fantastic reviews. We found that though the formula has been refined and the gameplay excellent, Dark Souls III happens to be a wee bit shorter than previous Souls games. The DLC will likely add a few more hours to the game.