MercurySteam Announce Debut Self-Published Title

Spain-based developer MercurySteam have today announced their latest project, Raiders of the Broken Planet. The team behind the Lords of Shadow titles in the Castlevania series, have described their new game as an “online multiplayer asymmetric adventure”. David Cox, who worked on the Lords of Shadow games as a producer, has also confirmed he will be working alongside the team. It will be the first game MercurySteam will self-publish themselves.

Taken from the game’s press release, Raiders of the Broken Planet centres on a distant World light years from Earth. “Long ago, its inhabitants discovered a powerful ability enhancing substance called Aleph,” it explains. “Today, this Broken Planet is home to the entire Universe’s intergalactic scum and criminal lowlife. All are here to wrest control of the Aleph and thereby control the Universe.” In-game, players can choose to either team up to fight the game’s invaders or ally with the invaders themselves and fight against other players.

Raiders of the Lost Planet is planned for release on PS4, Xbox One & PC. The developer has also opened up applications for an upcoming best test on their website with a promise that multiple betas will take place from now up until the game’s release later this year.