Beta Test Galak-Z’s Upcoming Season 5 DLC All Weekend

If you’ve enjoyed 17-Bit’s fantastic space roguelike Galak-Z and have been playing on Steam, this weekend is your chance to get a sneak-peek at what the studio has planned for its upcoming DLC content, The Void. Until Monday April 18 at 8 AM EST, anyone who owns Galak-Z on Steam can try out its long-awaited fifth season, which trades the episodic approach of its predecessors for an endless mode that promises to challenge even the most seasoned pilots. 17-Bit explains, “There are no save points. There is no mercy. However,  your score will be posted each time to online leaderboards so that you can compete against other players’ scores”.

To access the Beta content, you’ll have to switch to the Beta branch in Steam. Details on how to do that, along with how to play and report any bugs you encounter, can be found here.