Bretonnia Charges into Total War: Warhammer

Humans make a triumphant entrance in this latest announcement for Total War: Warhammer. The feudal Human realm of Bretonnia will be a playable race to pick from in the custom battle and multiplayer battle modes in the upcoming large-scale, real-time strategy game. This is important since the Bretonnian race is not playable in the game’s single-player campaign. It’s too bad, the Human legions of Bretonnia include some powerful armored units ranging from warhorses to Pegasus Knights. Their armor gives them an effectiveness in defense-shatter charges, backed by archers and magic. Balancing them with the other races of monsters and explosives, Bretonnian armies get strong magical attacks and buffs thanks to their Enchantresses.

See a gameplay demonstration of the Bretonnian army below. Total War: Warhammer is due out May 24, on PC.