Horizon: Zero Dawn May Have Been Delayed to 2017

Horizon: Zero Dawn, PS4’s big holiday 2016 game, may be delayed to 2017 if recent rumblings are true.

Guerrilla Games and Sony delighted many PlayStation fans when they unveiled Horizon: Zero Dawn, a brand new IP set in a colorful post-apocalyptic world. Sony would later confirm a fall/holiday 2016 release. Well, it looks like that may not happen anymore, and its all thanks to PS4.5/PS4K/PS4 Neo.

Noted industry insider shinobi602 took to Twitter yesterday Tweeting that Horizon: Zero Dawn has been delayed to 2017. The reason appears to be that Sony wants to launch Horizon: Zero Dawn alongside the rumored, but likely real, PS4.5. Considering the game looks phenomenal on the current PS4, the game is likely to be a stunner running on the improved hardware.

This should be taken as a rumor until Sony or Guerrilla Games make an official announcement. However, its hard to ignore the stunning track record shinobi has. This is actually the same guy who leaked Horizon a year before it was even announced. He appears to have good sources at Sony as he also leaked God of War 4’s potential setting. We’ll likely get a confirmation at E3 2016, where Sony is expected to show off Horizon: Zero Dawn and reveal the PS4.5. Let’s just hope other prominent Sony exclusives, like The Last Guardian, don’t get delayed and leave PS4 with another barren holiday lineup.