tinyBuild Announces Experimental Defense Game One Troll Army

As part of their showcase for PAX East 2016, tinyBuild announced that they would be debuting two new games at the event. Yes, on top of the five other games they’ve announced so far this year, and we’re only one-third of the way in. To be fair, if you had as good a knack for publishing quality games as they did, you’d want to be as prolific as possible too. But getting back on topic, while the VR title they’re also showing off hasn’t been officially announced yet, today they revealed the first new game that they’re showcasing, developer FlyAnvil’s One Troll Army.

As you can see in the announcement trailer below, One Troll Army is a tower defense game where you control an army of…well, one troll. A massive troll that you can upgrade, though, along with the fort full of goblins that you’re defending. The twist is that it’s actually a multiplayer game where the opposing army you’re facing…is Twitch.

Yes, all of the individual units charging at you are controlled by folks in the Twitch chat, assigning commands to their unit. Considering that tinyBuild games like Party Hard and Punch Club have experimented with Twitch integration in either their gameplay or the promotions for them, it seems like a bit of a logical evolution, but will the gambit pay off? Well, One Troll Army is playable at tinyBuild’s PAX East booth right now, so you can drop in and judge for yourself.