‘Push Me Pull You’ Gets Weird on PS4

Every once in a while, a game will come that makes you question the lengths of the human attention span as well as force you to question your gaming decisions.  Push Me Pull You, developed by House House, is definitely one of those games.  You and a group of friends take control of this long and wriggly body while playing sports together, (the name is from the film Doctor Dolittle and the animal in his circus of the same name).  So, the gist of it is that there are two long bodies and two players play a single body with one end of the body being one player and the other end being a different player.  You pull and push against each other in order to earn points and win at a game that is similar to soccer.  For added fun, you can play a single body with one controller instead of two separate ones.  There are also different game modes as well a sandbox area to find secrets and toys.

The game is definitely strange, and it definitely looks fun, and it will be available on May 3 for download on the PS4.  Check out the video below for gameplay footage of this strange and weird game: