Blade & Soul Update ‘Shattered Empire’ Has Gone Live

NCSOFT’s latest update 2.1 for their MMORPG Blade & Soul is a content follow-up to March’s Silverfrost Mountains expansion. Called Shattered Empire, this new update contains two new Heroic dungeons, newly unlocked floors to the gauntlet of Mushin’s Tower, and a new PvP game mode called Whirlwind Valley. North of the Silverfrost Mountains sits the most difficult group dungeon in Blade & Soul to date: Sogun’s Lament. Meanwhile, those looking to revisit Blackram territory will be treated to more powerful enemies in the Cold Storage daily dungeon. Players looking for a more solo challenge can contend with the newly added floors 9 through 15 of Mushin’s Tower, each one featuring an encounter with a fierce opponent – all culminating in a face-off against Naksun, The Nightmare of the East. Finally, PvP lovers can enjoy Whirlwind Valley, an objective-based PvP mode without equalized gear where two teams of six players must contest and maintain control points.

Blade & Soul’s Shattered Empire update is live now. Blade & Soul is a free-to-play MMORPG on PC.

Sogun's Lament

Cold Storage