id Software Show Off More of DOOM’s Single-Player Campaign

In a live Twitch stream broadcast earlier today, developers id Software showcased nearly an hour of new footage of their upcoming title DOOM. Some of the campaign’s notable inclusion such as a 3D map, point-based customization and lore was shown off alongside the gameplay which appears to be quicker than what was shown during its debut at E3 last year.

Other features shown off include in-mission challenges that players can try to complete as an option alongside some of the environment’s varying paths in order to get through specific challenges and puzzles. Those who wish to customize their experience can do so with options such as altering frame-of-view as well as altering the in-game speed of play are also mentioned and featured. It’s important to note that the gameplay shown off was from the PS4 version; it’s unclear how advanced options will be for the PC version. You can catch up on the gameplay shown below. DOOM releases for PS4, Xbox One & PC on May 13.