Master of Orion Getting Two New Races, Espionage, More

WG Labs and NGD Studios’ revival of 1993’s turn-based sci-fi strategy game Master of Orion has been humming along in Early Access since February, and now the developer is kicking off some fresh new updates with two new races, intricate Espionage skills and more updates, including new platforms.

The two new races headlining this third round of updates to Master of Orion are the Darloks and Silicoids, completing the original set of 10 races from the original game. NGD Studios describes the Darloks as master spies with specific Espionage skills that allow players to gather potentially damaging information and create havoc, making them sound a lot like EVE: Online’s best stories of player deception. These new Espionage skills will be available to all races though, so the Darloks will have some competition. The Silicoids, on the other hand, are “hulking stone goliaths” skilled in engineering and colonizing, and they have an “ultra-rich home world” to give your campaign with them an early boost.

The update will always bring an “Economic” victory condition, so if you’re able to master the Interstellar Stock Exchange to control the economy, you can absolutely win that way, which is kind of wild. As well, independent planets are a new feature; they’re basically planets that don’t necessary lean hostile or friendly, so you’ll need to court them through missions to get their votes in the Galactic Council and achieve a “Diplomatic” victory.

As well, the update adds Linux and Steam OS to the list of available platforms, so pretty much anything with a mouse should be able to run the game at this point.

Master of Orion is out now in Early Access. You can watch a developer diary below to catch some new footage and hear from the developers: