Cave’s Next Steam Release is DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu

It’s happy-dance time!  The next Cave shooter getting a Steam release has just been announced and it’s from the DoDonPachi series.  Not only that, it’s the excellent DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu, last seen in English region-free on European Xbox 360s everywhere.  Which was great if you import, not so hot if you don’t, and even more of a giant pain in the body part of choice if you lived outside of the region and wanted the Black Label DLC which required both a region-specific points card and profile to buy off the marketplace.  It was a distribution system that screamed pure amateur hour, but with the pending Steam release this Fall that’s soon to be a thing of the past.

DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu is classic Cave bullet-hell shooting, with three ships to choose from and three “Styles” each, directly affecting how the game is played.  Bomb style allows the use of (obviously) bombs, which can be set to drop when hit rather than lose a life.  Power style is mostly bombless, focusing on pure shooting skills, and Strong combines the features of both for a mega-powered ship.  You can choose to play the game either as a score-run, attempting to master the intricate points system to chain the levels from start to finish, or simply have fun blasting everything while trying to survive in a sea of bullets.  It’s an excellent entry in one of Cave’s most popular series, and worth getting very excited for.

At the moment there’s no word on the Ketsui or Black Label DLC, but it seems likely that information will be along soon enough.  Stay tuned, but in the meantime check out the crazy scoring power on display in the video below.