Get Sad with BioWare

The talented people over at RPG developer BioWare have made a name for themselves creating games where players can interact and talk to their party members. Many BioWare fans get the most out of these playable conversations in BioWare games, rather than the other more violent gameplay elements. Not to say BioWare was the first to make visual novel-esque playable conversations in video games as a vehicle for connecting players’ empathy to the events of a game’s plot via humanizing interaction with in-game characters, but plenty of RPG fans nowadays would point to BioWare games, like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, when thinking about games with a memorable cast. Needless to say, this means the hurt that can come from real relationships may occur as an unforeseen side effect of being a BioWare game player who, for example, doesn’t quite know what determines which character lives or dies at the end.

BioWare celebrates their fandom’s reactions to some of the more intense character moments from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series with videos of true BioWare game heartbreak, dramatized by a cast including male Commander Shepard voice-actor Mark Meer. Love is pain, and after a few conversations and one bad decision… apparently so is a BioWare game.

SPOILER WARNING for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series.