Portal Knights Receives Ghost World Update

Those unfamiliar with the action-adventure game Portal Knights may be interested in knowing that it is a multi-zone fantasy adventure romp through randomly generated 3D sandboxes, developed by Keen Games and published by 505 Games. The combat is in real-time with dodge rolls and there are three playable classes ranging between the standard Warrior, Mage, and Ranger. Customizable gear drops and a home building mechanic help give players something to do and work for. The crafting even expands to include a farm for harvesting. The portal part comes in when players need to face off against Portal Guardian bosses to access other sandboxes. The entire experience supports up to four player cooperative play as well, allowing multiplayer crafting, dungeon-crawling, and slaying.

The latest free update for Portal Knights comes in the form of the Ghost World, a content update complete with new features and areas. Specifically, the Ghost World update brings in new world event systems, crafting recipes, loot, character customization, and the new Ghost World island. The island itself contains new dungeons and enemies, and with them, new gear.

See the trailer for the Ghost World update below. Portal Knights is out now on PC via Steam.