Xbox France Giving out Iron Man Themed Xbox Ones

Ever wanted an Iron Man-themed Xbox One? Well Xbox France is making that possible for a few lucky people.

This extremely limited Iron Man Xbox One was designed to promote the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film, which pits Iron Man against Captain America. This super sleek white Xbox One has been modified to incorporate an Arc Reactor that lights up when activated. The console also sports the Stark Industries logo, and a cool design across the entire body. Likewise, the controller has been updated with an Arc Reactor button replacing the Xbox button.

Currently, there are only three known ways to get your hands on this Xbox One; Xbox France’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. It looks like there are only three up for grabs at this time, and Microsoft has not announced whether they intend to make more and release them to the public. We’ll let you know should Microsoft make any announcements.

Captain America: Civil War hits theatres May 6. Unfortunately, Disney Interactive Studios has not revealed any plans to make video games based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.