Move or Die’s Viewers vs. Streamers Update Now Available

If there’s one thing that Move or Die does well, it’s capitalizing on absolute chaos, and the latest addition to the cult-hit local multiplayer title certainly ups the ante in that regard.

The highly anticipated Views vs. Streamers update, which allows for some pretty fascinating Twitch integration, is now live for those who own Move or Die on Steam.

This update brings a number of new gameplay additions into effect, which, combined with the addition of Shovel Knight and the new Heavy Bullets game mode, will certainly turn Move or Die on its proverbial head. Here’s a full rundown of all of the new features that can be found in today’s update:

  • “Balance” causes players to spawn on a teetering platform whose position is controlled by the Twitch stream chat
  • “Dropkill” spawns players on descending platforms, with the option of raising a given platform given to the chat via a voting mechanism
  • “Lasers” causes four lasers to appear at the top of the arena, with chat votes accumulating until a laser-firing threshold is reached
  • “QWERTY Bomb” causes a keyboard layout to appear on the screen, and chat users can spawn bombs by pressing the appropriate keys
  • Seven new characters, including the aforementioned Shovel Knight
  • ¬†EgoRaptor from Game Grumps as a possible announcer
  • The Teleporter mutator which gives players the ability to warp through the air
  • The Heavy Bullets game mode, which tasks players with collecting one of two bullets in the arena to fill the empty gun they spawn with

Nicolae Berbece, founder and lead developer of Those Awesome Guys (the studio behind Move or Die) provided a bit of insight into the new update:

With the new Viewers vs Streamers update, we included game modes only available in Twitch Mode that allow the Twitch audience to 06vote on different lasers firing, bombs dropping on specific areas, balancing platforms, deciding who is the most handsome player, and much more.

Check out the trailer for the Viewers vs. Streamers update below, and check out our hands on impressions of the latest build of Move or Die from PAX East 2016 by clicking here.