Pokémon Rumble World Hits North American Retail Stores

It’s been an entire year since the digital release of Pokémon Rumble World. Now, fans can pick up the game at retail stores if they haven’t downloaded it yet. The Pokémon Company International made the announcement that North American Pokémaniacs can now own physical copies of the game. It was made available in Europe earlier this year.

Pokémon Rumble World features even cuter-looking toy versions of our favorite pocket monsters that you can battle and keep as part of a large team. All retail editions come pre-packaged with in-game currency as well as other goodies which makes for a nice incentive. However, you can’t transfer saved data from the digital version, so you will have to start the game all over again.

Even though you can now purchase the game, it is still available as a free-to-download title from the Nintendo eShop. The physical editions are probably worth something to collectors but doesn’t have any differences (besides freebies) compared to the digital version.