Experience PlayStation VR During the Road to Greatness Tour

The Road to Greatness Tour is back as PlayStation is once again planning a cross country trip to show off what they have in store for fans. From now through November you’ll be able to meet up with their sixteen-wheel truck at specific summer events to play games, enter tournaments and get official PlayStation swag.

There will be “King of the Couch” tournaments at every stop for fans to showcase their local multiplayer skills and win PS4 games and other PlayStation prizes. You can also snag an exclusive PlayStation Collectible Card that’s promised to be one of the rarest in the set. In addition, PlayStation Vue will be making its appearance to introduce fans to the new TV service. Lastly, PlayStation VR will be available for a limited amount of people to experience every day of the tour. Tweet @HeyPlaystation and show it to a staff member to increase your chances at trying out the headset.

The Road to Greatness is currently at Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee until May 1, 2016. The rest of the dates can be found here.