Update on TSMs Support Role

It seems TSM has found a few candidates in their search for Yellowstar’s replacement, and are taking them to Korea as they bootcamp.

On their site they’ve posted an update about a player named Vincent “Biofrost” Wang. He’s passed his first round of tryouts and is joining the team as they bootcamp. Earlier in the week it was seen that Doublelift was duoing with him a lot in solo queue as well.

The most interesting part about the post, however, is that it only mentions Biofrost by name yet says, “We found that he was the best North American candidate to move forward with, and he will be flying with the team to compete for the position alongside other candidates in Korea.” Maybe there are some Korean candidates that they’re looking at? They have more than enough time to figure things out appropriately so don’t be surprised if you hear another name entirely.

After initially posting about holding tryouts for NA players, TSM opened the tryouts to NA, EU, and Korea.