How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the PlayStation NEO

There comes a time in every console generation cycle that gamers either start to worry about their current console phasing out or they start to get really excited about the new and improved hardware coming down the pipeline. This, however, is neither of those times and the rumors along with the gamer outcries need to jump off the Neo train and get some facts straight.

Okay, so let’s talk about the hottest and most annoying rumor circulating the interwebs as of the last few months: the dreaded PlayStation Neo (or is it the PS4.5 or the PS4K), Sony’s new upgraded version of the PS4. Rumors have been circulating from just about every site that has even the smallest subcategory of video games that this is the end all of the current PS4 platform or that it’s a stab in the back, a slap in the face, a finger in your sandwich and the highest form of insult Sony (along with Microsoft and their supposed end all upgrade) could push on its market. Nevertheless, could the misinformed rumors be true?


No and here’s why. It’s all just hearsay and rumors being sloughed out for no purpose but to rattle the cages of gamers everywhere. Officially, Sony has not made any comments regarding the system to the press, but nevertheless, confirmed sources have spoke to the folks over at Giantbomb and if these sources prove to be legit, current PS4 owners have nothing to fear. The article over at Giantbomb has much more information about the specs of the console and all the crossing of the Ts and the dotting of the Is and if you want to know just about everything about the PS4k, then head on over to their site and check it out, but the only thing you really need to concern yourself with is this snippet of information.

“The NEO will not supplant the current PS4, but will exist alongside of it and use the same user environment. The PS4 and NEO will use the same PSN store, connect to the same online communities, and offer the same user experience, so expect to see the same cross media bar that you’re used to. Players will be able to retain all of the purchases they made on the PS4.” There you have it! Enough with the outcries and constant complaining of getting our back stabbed by Sony, as the PS4k is nothing, I repeat, nothing but an upgraded and glossier version of the current PS4. It will literally change nothing in our games besides the fact that it will support 4k-image output and games themselves will remain the same as the discs will offer a “Base Mode” for PS4 and a glossy mode known as “NEO Mode” for the new consoles.


Before I step off my soapbox and kick it back under my desk for the day, let me reassure those who are still on edge about the new system pulling a Benedict Arnold and turning on its own kind, the PS4. Sony allegedly stated to developers that they couldn’t offer exclusive gameplay or content or anything else under that falls under the umbrella of an exclusive to PS4k. So come on out of your fallout shelters and take a nice deep breath; this console generation has not ended, it’s only receiving an expensive facelift.