Overwatch Beta Teases ‘Are You With Us?’

The free open beta for Blizzard’s upcoming, anticipated, animation-friendly, multiplayer class-based first-person shooter is finally incoming this week. For those who did not gain privileged early access to the beta, the wait is all the more cruel. Overwatch’s biggest public outing before it’s official release is nearly here, and Blizzard has seen fit to tease those waiting on the sidelines even more with a call to arms video.

Watch as the intelligent and awkward Winston fumbles in some backstory, and builds up the conflict, ideas, and inspirations for joining the battle in the open beta of Overwatch. Creating an epic, inspiring lore and tone is exactly the kind of thing Blizzard excels at, but we will see if the game itself lives up to its own hype together when the beta hits later this week from May 5 to May 9.

See the “Are You With Us?” call-to-action teaser video below. Overwatch launches May 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.