Oculus Rift Retail Experience hits Select Best Buy Locations

Want to try an Oculus Rift? Well Oculus and Best Buy are teaming up to give lucky fans a chance to try out the VR headset.

Beginning May 7, Oculus Rift will invade 48 Best Buy stores across the country. Later this summer, Oculus will expand to even more Best Buy locations. Those who opt to check out the Oculus Rift at Best Buy will be able to play a handful of demos. These include Dreamdeck and The Climb from the get-go. Farlands will be added to the experience in the coming weeks.

Oculus has also confirmed that an extremely limited number of Oculus Rifts will be available for purchase at select Best Buy stores starting May 7, and online from Microsoft and Amazon on May 6. Those that pre-ordered the Rift and have yet to receive it can opt to purchase the Rift in-stores and still get the pre-order bonus. Just go to order status and let Oculus know you got your hands on a Rift and the pre-order bonus (EVE: Valkyrie) will appear in your order history. Of course, we’re not sure why these finished units aren’t going to those who pre-ordered. It does seem a tad unfair that pre-orders are left waiting while physical units are being sold.

Finally, Oculus and Best Buy are allowing users to schedule a Rift demo at participating locations. Oculus Live will allow users to search for participating Best Buy locations near you and schedule that appointment. Right now the Oculus Rift Retail Experience is U.S. only, but Oculus plans to expand it to Canada and Europe this fall.