Ubisoft Details First Two VR Games

Thus far, VR has predominately been filled with games from indie developers and upstarts new to the space, but soon the biggest publishers will be getting in on the action. Take Ubisoft, for example, who has today released a video giving a peek inside their first virtual reality games: Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within.

Eagle Flight is an adventure set in the skies above Paris fifty years after humans have disappeared in which you’ll enter the eyes of the eagle and dive through city streets in a mixture of open world missions and multiplayer battles.

Werewolves Within is a more intimate experience that brings you closer to other online players to confer, conspire, investigate and accuse, all in an attempt to find and kill the werewolves hiding in your midst before they kill you. Roles are re-assigned at the beginning of each round, so there’s only one chance to get it right. Eliminate the wrong player and the werewolves win.

Both Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within will be released in 2016 and are said to be “just the beginning” of what Ubisoft has planned for the VR space.

Check out the video below: