Far Harbor Trailer Released for Fallout 4

It has been a half a year since Fallout 4 was released. Many players probably explored every inch of the The Commonwealth in that time. Now, set sail for a new adventure with Fallout 4’s Far Harbor expansion.

Journey to Far Harbor, an island off the coast of Maine. The plot revolves around the search for a woman as well as a mysterious colony of synths. It contains high levels of radiation which has created new threatening creatures. This downloadable content offers the largest landmass ever produced by Bethesda. It features a growing conflict between new factions which you must choose a side. Upgraded armor and weapons are also at your disposal.

The official trailer for Far Harbor shows off some of the dangers and destruction to expect. It ends with a synth, who eerily resembles Nick, hooked up to machinery. Who knows what will become of this character but don’t let your decisions get out of hand, choose your options wisely.

Far Habor will be available May 19. Some players may receive beta invites during the week to get a first look at the action.