Crash Bandicoot Voice Actor Further Hints at Series’ Revival

So far this year, we’ve had various hints that Sony may just have a revival of one of the franchises that landed them on the map, Crash Bandicoot, in the works. The first was a cryptic tweet from PlayStation Mid East about the character being “most wanted,” followed later by a tweet from PlayStation Latin America for Throwback Thursday featuring what appeared to be a brand new render of Crash (albeit with an old pose). Today, however, we received what may be the biggest hint of all that the bandicoot’s comeback may be forthcoming.

As discovered on NeoGAF, voice actor Lex Lang put up a Facebook post for Throwback Thursday saying that he was invited to voice three different game characters that he had played in the past. He mentioned that they were a doctor, a devil, and a droid/AI, and that it was all he could say about them at the moment, with more details coming later. It might not seem like much at first…until more than a few people noted that the only doctor Lex has ever played in a video game was Dr. Neo Cortex, the main villain of the Crash Bandicoot series, having voiced him from Crash Twinsanity forward. So combined with what we already know, it sounds like this rumor may become a reality soon, especially with E3 coming up, ready to play host to any big announcements Sony has.

Oh, and one other thing we just learned that contributes to the evidence? Without giving anything away, apparently a certain upcoming PS4 game contains more than a few nods to the classic franchise as well. But we’ll get to that later…