Naughty Dog Releases an ‘Uncharted 4’ Multiplayer Guide

With one of the most incredible game releases of the year only a few days away, how can you blame Playstation and Sony for being as excited as they are?  While most people don’t need a guide to play online, Naughty Dog has provided one that not only outlines the rules to common courtesy but also exactly what players will get in their experience.  That also includes the fact that all multiplayer experiences in references to added DLC will be included at no additional cost because they can all be unlocked through gameplay.


There will be complete and unified fairness to all players, meaning that there will be no higher tiered players and everyone will have access to the same amount and type of weapons and abilities.  Naughty Dog and Sony wanted fans to be able to enjoy the experience and put a lot of heart and thought into how they would like players to experience everything.  Of course, not everything will be available at launch, but it’s great to see that Naughty Dog is confident enough in their multiplayer experience that they are planning for all present and future players.  They’ve even gone as far as explaining how it all works, never assuming that everyone will understand right off the bat what it is that they are doing.  Naughty Dog has also released a ‘How Does It Work’ for the DLC economy that details how everything is going to work and how there is no ‘pay to win’ feature.

While all of DLC for multiplayer is completely free, you have the option to bypass the earning process by purchasing Uncharted Points.  There isn’t a ‘pay to win’, but there is a ‘pay to get ahead’, which isn’t necessary for those that just want to pick up the game and go. You’ll have to complete daily challenges in order to earn relics that can be used to purchase DLC chests.  These chests are divided into two different types, Vanity Chests and Gameplay Chests.  Whichever you pick, neither one will ever give you duplicate items; that way, you always have something new and you never feel as though our efforts have been wasted.


Finally, Naughty Dog has also released what will be included in the Triple Pack ,which can either be purchased separately or inside of the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game.  The Triple Pack not only adds the first ever single-player add-on to the Uncharted series, but also adds two extra multiplayer maps to enhance your experience.

With Uncharted 4s next week, if it’s hard enough to contain our own excitement, imagine how hard it is for Naughty Dog to contain theirs.  Check out our review for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End but beware, there’s a good chance of spoilers.

Check out each of these guides below: