Roguelike Shooter Skipchaser Comes to Steam Greenlight

So after the recent raging success that was Enter the Gungeon, preceded by the action-packed Nuclear Throne a few months prior, it’s safe to say that we can’t get enough twin-stick shooters with roguelike elements. So what will the next big game in this specific sub-genre be? Well, if it gets enough positive feedback on Steam Greenlight, developer Ponywolf’s new game Skipchaser might end up being the next action-packed hit.

Spun out of another game the developers created for the 72-hour Ludum Dare 35 challenge, Skipchaser sees you as a bounty hunter searching for a batch of villains via a series of gunfights in several procedurally generated levels. Along with its striking art style and countless enemy combination, Skipchaser’s big hook comes from the deep amount of customization it aims to have in crafting your weapons and armor, resulting in a shooter that looks like in has a lot of promise indeed.

If you want to learn more, you can check out the trailer below along Skipchaser’s Greenlight page, and then show it some support if you like what you see. Indeed, here’s hoping this helps satisfy our still-itchy trigger fingers.