Sing Along With the Praise for Fire Emblem Fates in New Accolades Trailer

With Fire Emblem Fates, Nintendo has made a concerted effort to solidify Fire Emblem as one of its major franchises. The game, which launched in two distinct versions, has already sold incredibly well in both Japan and North America, and will likely do the same when it released in Europe later this month. Many of you reading this may have already experienced Fire Emblem Fates’¬†incredible strategic gameplay, but anyone still on the fence, or eagerly awaiting its release, should take a peek at¬†the game’s new accolades trailer. There’s some pretty high praise in there, and while these sort of trailers always spin coverage as positively as they can, praise for Fire Emblem Fates has been near universal. My opinion might not mean much, but I can confidently say you won’t be disappointed if you take the plunge.

Fire Emblem Fates is available now in North America and Japan, and will launch in Europe on May 20.