Yakuza 0 to Appear at E3

Yakuza 0 could be coming to the West sooner than we think. According to an entry on the Atlus E3 page, Sega’s Yakuza 0 will be making an appearance at Atlus’s booth. Yakuza 0 initially released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on March 12 in Japan, but has yet to see a release outside of the region. The Yakuza series has been known to localize to the West late. Just recently, Yakuza 5 saw a Western release last December after the Japan version had been out since 2012.

This E3 page may infer that Atlus will be handling the localization, but Sega will likely be sharing the booth with Atlus. Whatever the case may be we’ll be looking forward to news of the game, which is set to release in early 2017 in North America and Europe.