Nolan North is Very Attached to his Role as Nathan Drake

Nolan North is willing to straight up murder anyone who denies that he is indeed Nathan Drake incarnate. Sony’s new promotional video, The Brothers Drake is funny, playing off the fact that North has been playing the explorer extraordinary for a long time.

The video has North in conversation with Troy Baker, the voice of Nathan Drake’s brother, Sam, in Uncharted 4. North talks about how he would climb up the side of the castle they are looking at in the distance, while Baker tries to convince him that he’s not actually Nathan Drake, and that he couldn’t actually do those things. North then gets extremely defensive, expressing that he’s willing to cut Baker, or anyone who tries to convince him otherwise.

Check out the video below:

The longer version of the video will release on Monday, May 9 and the game itself will release on the 10th. Happy treasure hunting!