RetroUSB Announces HDMI-Enabled NES Clone Console

RetroUSB is known for crafting high-quality USB-enabled controllers and other devices that make retro gaming easier to do in the modern era. Today, the company announced the ultimate non-Nintendo way to play NES classics – the AVS console. Rather than just use emulators, they’ll be using real hardware. This eliminates loading times and ensures that you can play any future fan-made or homebrew NES carts you want – unlike a RetroN 5 console.

The device’s HDMI output will enable games to look as crisp as possible, and an optional wireless controller will make playing your NES library easier to do from a longer distance than a simple corded controller. With a price of around $185, it’s more expensive than a RetroN 5 – but it will also use real hardware and run any future NES games. If you’ve always wanted a new NES that was reliable, this is a fantastic buy – and it’s even better if you have Famicom games since it will play those as well.