Xenocider Takes to Kickstarter to Provide New On-Rails Shooting Thrills

On-rail shooters have been in short supply for many years now. There hasn’t been a high-profile one since the House of the Dead franchise – and that’s been largely dormant outside of ports for half a decade. Today, Retro Sumus took to Kickstarter to get funding for Xenocider – an all-new entry in the genre set for release on many platforms. The developers are hoping for a 3DS, Dreamcast, Linux, and PC release – with a goal of $92,000.

They have until June 9 to hit their target, and are already at nearly $9,000 – which is pretty impressive for such a niche project. $1 gets you thanks, while $5 does so in digital form within the game’s credits. $10 gets you an OST, while $15 gets you a digital copy on either PC or 3DS – this is a temporary price though as $20 is the regular price. Physical copies on PC and the Dreamcast can be yours at $50.