EA Launches Bejeweled Stars for iOS and Android

Believe it or not, but Bejeweled is turning 15 this month. Although the game is now older than some of its players, it’s still going strong and to celebrate this anniversary, EA Mobile and PopCap have released Bejeweled Stars as a free download (with in-app purchases) on the App Store and Google Play.

Bejeweled Stars boasts the following features:

– Collect SkyGems as you play and use them to create Powers like the Scrambler, Flame Swapper, Flutter Gust and many others.
– Experience new challenges. Turn obstacles into your advantage as you get to know Currents, Clouds, Glaciers and more.
– Earn Stars to light up the night sky and complete Constellations to unlock Special Powers.
– Open special Chests to unlock Charms, dazzling Bejeweled emojis. Collect them all to tell your Bejeweled story.
– Use Charms to express yourself and send personal messages to friends.

“We’re excited to introduce the world to the latest iteration of Bejeweled and we’ve designed this game with our players in mind. Whether you’re squeezing in a game or dedicating hours to trying a new strategy, we want to deliver a rich and satisfying experience,” said Heather Hazen, Game General Manager, Bejeweled Stars. “At PopCap, we’re known for polish and personality, so once you add the gameplay innovations in Bejeweled Stars, we think we’ve found the perfect match.”