Anarchically Cute Indie Title Anarcute Arriving This Summer

Anarteam, the developers behind the cute yet anarchism-fuelled strategy game, Anarcute, have confirmed that their new title will arrive on both Xbox One & PC (via Steam) this summer. Accompanied by a new trailer which you can view below, the team have elaborated on more of the group-based unit-commanding gameplay that plays a crucial role in the way players will progress. Set across numerously cartoonish and colourful globe-trotting cities, the game’s rather-less pleasant and dystopian premise will allow your recruited members of the public to go full riot mode as you engage the dreaded Brainwash Patrol — solving puzzles and helping the fellow populous along the way in fighting back.

“With Anarcute we really wanted to create something special and bring a crazy, colourful world of fun and chaos together with tactical gameplay,” Mathieu Leclercq, game designer at Anarteam, explains. “When we won the first award, we didn’t know what an amazing journey we would go on but it’s been great to realise our vision of city-wide adorable destruction.” Anarcute was one of the notable highlights at last year’s EGX and for those who love the cunningly-violent accessibility of real-time strategy conjured by the likes of Pikmin and the rampant groupthink of The Wonderful 101, this should be a game to look out for later in the year.