Geoff Keighley Partners With DreamWorksTV for Kids Game Awards

The Game Awards executive producer and host Geoff Keighley has announced that he’s formed a partnership with DreamWorksTV for a new show called the ‘Kids Game Awards.’

Keighley, who was formally involved with the Spike Video Game Awards, made the announcement on Twitter today, linking his followers to the official Twitter account set up for the Kids Game Awards.

Aside from his tweet, which does confirm that the Kids Game Awards is “coming live later this year,” Keighley did not reveal any further details on the up-and-coming award show.

Acting as the successor to the poorly received Spike Video Game Awards, The Game Awards’ inaugural ceremony was held in December 2014, with its success leading Keighley to host a follow-up show a year later.

The Game Awards 2015, which was held in Los Angeles, California, had more than two million people tune in for the live event, making its ratings twenty percent higher than those of The Game Awards 2014.

“We started something special last year with The Game Awards, and it’s encouraging to see the audience grow double-digits for our second outing,” Keighley said last year.