Natsume Announces Wild Guns Reloaded for PS4

Well, out of all of the possible video game franchises to resurrect in one way or another, we certainly didn’t expect to see Wild Guns on that list. Not that it doesn’t deserve to be on there, mind you. Natsume’s 1994 Super Nintendo title was a Cabal-esque shooter in a sci-fi/western setting that was released to much acclaim, and is still considered to be a terrific game by more hardcore gamers, but has still become a bit obscure to several others over the years and has ended up as more of a cult classic instead. Thankfully, it’s also enough of a cult classic that Natsume has decided to bring the game back in the form of Wild Guns Reloaded for the PlayStation 4, announced today in a tweet.

As mentioned above, we won’t know more about Wild Guns Reloaded until later at E3 when Natsume will most definitely unveil the gameplay. We do know that it will be a PS4 exclusive, as they have mentioned, and when a person on Twitter asked if the game would be a reboot, remake, or sequel, Natsume replied “A little of each,” thus hinting at a “re-imagining” label, like with the recent Ratchet and Clank game. Naturally, we here at Hardcore Gamer will keep you informed on this revival as more details show up come June.