PS4 Neo to Launch Ahead of PSVR?

The upgraded PlayStation Neo, or PS4K…or PS4.5…will launch in September, according to reports.

The rumor comes by way of Videogamer, who translated the French game distributor, Innelec Multimedia‘s earnings reports, which stated that what they called the “Neo 4K” would be released during the first half of their fiscal year. Innelec’s first half runs from April until September, so this could confirm earlier rumors that the Neo will be announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

This would mean that the Neo would arrive before the PlayStation VR, which is slated for an October release, and would confirm reports that the Neo would be announced and released before PSVR.  Innelec has since retracted the statement, saying that they have no knowledge of the Neo or when it is to be released.

The PlayStation 4 Neo is said to have an upgraded CPU, GPU, and will support 4K video output.