PAX South 2017 Badges On Sale Tomorrow

There is no typo in the title of this piece: that is PAX South and not PAX West (or Prime or whatever the kids are calling it these days). The reason for this enormous lead time to the event is not explained, though the most logical answer is that PAX is now actively trolling potential attendees to the Seattle based West. The news was tweeted out a while ago from @Official_PAX:

PAX South 2017

This was quickly followed by a cavalcade of responses from anxious West badge watchers complaining of chest pain and soiled trousers. Again, West is a highly anticipated event with a limited number of tickets. People who aren’t in when the tickets go live aren’t going. The news on South was confirmed today by show organizer Robert Khoo, again via Twitter:

PAX South 2017 2

For those interested in attending the San Antonio based South, it will take place January 27-29 next year. It’s one well worth checking out, with a more relaxed atmosphere and a much needed excuse for taking a break from the nasty winter weather found elsewhere in the country. For those anticipating the launch of badges for the September 2-5 scheduled West event, the wait continues. At least there is now laundry to occupy the time.