Pokémon GO Field Testing Available to United States

One of the most anticipated Pokémon games recently announced besides Sun and Moon is Pokémon GO. This app will be available for iPhones and Android devices allowing you to explore your own world as it becomes filled with Pokémon.

Search, catch, and battle using an augmented reality straight from your smartphone. Trainers in the U.S. can now sign up to try out the brand new adventure firsthand. Niantic Labs and the Pokémon Company ask that you please refrain from sharing your experiences with others. Confidentiality allows for the public to react just as amazed with the game as you would be. A listing of all requirements and more information are listed within the link provided.

Other countries and gotten to check out Pokémon GO and some leaks have made it around the internet. Luckily, fans in the United States are getting the chance to share feedback directly with developers during their own field test.